What is editing?

Editing is the preparing of any text for distribution or publication by:

  • Checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, usage and idiom;
  • Checking for consistency within a document; and
  • Clarifying meaning and polishing the language.

Why edit?
Good question! Here are three good answers.

    • Because edited text is more likely to achieve its purpose.
    • For the security of knowing your text is error-free.
    • To give you the competitive edge!

What gets edited?
Any text will benefit from a professional editor’s attention.

  • Business documents ▫ Reports ▫ Advertising copy ▫ Labels ▫ Websites ▫ Magazines ▫ Newsletters ▫ Presentations
  • Speeches ▫ Podcasts
  • Textbooks ▫ Academic texts ▫ Manuals ▫ Video scripts
  • Fiction ▫ Personal manuscripts ▫ Memoirs

Sample Wordsmith edits

Open this pdf file to see how the Wordsmith can polish and tune your communications.

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Who uses the Wordsmith?
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How much does it cost?
Work out an approximate editing quotation yourself or contact the Wordsmith to discuss your requirements.

Terms and conditions
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Definitions and other resources
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