Getting a quote

Wordsmith Editing Services is committed to providing an excellent, affordable service and building long-term business relationships.

Many factors affect the cost of an edit, but an average copy edit (see Definitions on the Resources page) will cost between R0.25 and R0.40 per word. An A4 page of word-processor text might contain up to 400 words, giving a per-page rate ofAi?? around R90.00ai??i??150.00.

As a guide to South African editing costs in general, click through here to view the South African Alliance of Language and Media Professionals rate card. (Note that the Wordsmith is not in any way bound by the figures given in the LAMP rate card.)

A copy edit assumes the writing is already of a reasonable standard. If your text needs more work, or if it needs creative input, you should expect to pay towards the upper end of editing rates quoted.

Conversely, Wordsmith Editing Services is committed to providing an affordable service and building long-term relationships, and my fair quote will give you credit for all the hard work youai??i??ve already put in to your document.

How to get a quote
To get a quote, use your word-processor to establish the total word count of the text you want editing. (This will form part of the formal contract for services, so please be accurate!)

Then select a representative sample of the text and send it to me along with the word count and as much relevant information as you can give.

You can expect a response within 12 hours.

NOTE It is vital that the sample text be representative of the writing in the document, as this forms part of the contract for services. See a sample Wordsmith Quote document here.

How long will it take?
Given a representative sample of your work, I will quickly be able to give you a projected turnaround time. The secret is to ai??i??ai??i?? leave enough time for your document to be edited!

The projected turn-around time will appear on your quote. Please read the conditions regarding turn-around time carefully. Note also the Quote items on the Terms and Conditions page.