Terms and conditions

Please take careful note of the all the following terms and conditions.

Quotes ai??i?? turn-around times
For the estimated turn-around time to be achievable, you must:

  • Deliver the complete manuscript at the time specified.

Delivering a manuscript in bits can mean checking text twice. As well as delaying your editing process, the additional work caused will be billable.

  • Submit a representative sample.

An unrepresentative, better-than-average sample will mean that the work will take longer than anticipated, and neither the quote nor the promised turn-around time will be binding.

  • Be available for prompt reply to queries.

For a job to be completed on time and to budget, you must be available by phone and/or email to clarify terms, spelling or meaning as required. If you cost of levitra at walmart, cost of levitra at walmart, cost of levitra at walmart, cost of levitra at walmart, cost of levitra at walmart, cost of levitra at walmart. are not available, queries will be inserted as Word Track Changes ai???Commentsai??i?? and the editor will not be responsible for any text inserted by you as a result.

Formats and layout
Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word format and will be returned in the same format. Adobe pdf files are not editable but you may submit your file in this way if you prefer ai??i?? it will be converted and returned as an edited Word or rich text format (RTF) document. A ai???Track Changesai??i?? version of your edited document can also be sent at your request.

The editor is not responsible for preserving formatting or layout, changes in which can take place due to differences in computer hardware or software. Your document will be edited according to the word-processing dictionary specified by you. Options are English (SA), English (UK) and English (US).

Weai??i??re sorry, butai??i?? Once my completed edit leaves my hard drive, I canai??i??t get it back! Until we have a working relationship of some duration, Iai??i??ll need to be paid before sending you your complete final edit.

I will do all I can to make you feel comfortable with this arrangement ai??i?? my commercial success depends on your satisfaction!

Larger jobs will require a commencement payment ai??i?? usually 40% of the full quoted fee.

Confidentiality and security
Wordsmith Editing Services takes active steps to safeguard and protect your intellectual property. My computers have state-of-the-art antivirus protection and devices with your intellectual property on them do not leave a secure office environment.

You can be assured of complete confidentiality. At no time will the content or nature of your editing job be disclosed to any third party. Once your job is ai???signed offai??i??, all copies will be erased from my drives.

Note that a Wordsmith edit does not guarantee the factual correctness of the edited material, and the client indemnifies the editor against any and all claims resulting from the publication of the edited material.

The editor reserves the right to quit a job at a pro rata rate in the event of any libellous or otherwise actionable content emerging.