Wordsmith fiction editing

Are you the next J K Rowling? Yes, you could be sitting on the next Harry Potter, but if youai??i??re the only person whoai??i??s seen your manuscript, weai??i??ll probably never know!
Submitting your manuscript for publishing is a big step, and nerve-wracking enough. Having your manuscript professionally edited will clear one more hurdle on the way ai??i?? and give your confidence a boost.

The Wordsmith solution

Many publishing houses these days openly state that they will not read or sometimes even respond to unsolicited manuscripts. In other words, theyai??i??ll ask you if they want to see what youai??i??ve written cialis ed pack paypal, cialis ed pack paypal, cialis ed pack paypal, cialis ed pack paypal, cialis ed pack paypal, cialis ed pack paypal. ai??i?? and tell you if they want you to write something!

This leaves self-publishing as the first choice for many creative writers ai??i?? and there are many free platforms for publishing your own e-books or print-on-demand hard copies.
Manuscripts published my mainstream publishing houses will always receive a thorough edit and several rounds of proofreading before going to print, and there is no reason why a work bearing your name should have anything less. Plus ai??i?? a professional edit/proofread might be just the ai???final pushai??i?? your work needs to see the light of day!
Please note that the Wordsmith does not claim to be a creative writing coach and does not ai???critiqueai??i?? fiction manuscripts. Your manuscript will however be edited for spelling, punctuation, grammar, idiom and consistency ai??i?? and guaranteed error-free!