Wordsmith on the Web

Your website is your shop window. How does it look?

Very few small-to-medium business websites see any editing at all! Quite often, crucial decisions about language are taken by the webmaster or designer, whose priorities will probably not include language elegance! Unfortunately, you canai??i??t assume that your text will survive uploading onto your website unscathed ai??i?? or make the impact you thought it would in its new environment.
The Wordsmith solution

I can work with your website professional to make sure your business storefront is error-free and makes the best possible impression ai??i?? while respecting SEO considerations and working within design constraints.

Small business language audit
Do you know any of your competitors who have ever used an editor? Then hereai??i??s a simple, inexpensive way to put some space between yourself and the competition!

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And, Iai??i??ll happily point out where youai??i??ve been going wrong so that you stay on track in future!

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