Wordsmith ai??i?? the AV connection

Are you already in the audio-visual field? Could your business benefit from an improved AV component?

Wearing another cap, the Wordsmith is a successful radio voice and dubbing artist, with an ear for good text and succinct communication. (Click through here to see my AV show-reel.)

Manuals and training videos
As well as having years of experience editing textbooks, the Wordsmith is trained in reading complicated educational text in a neutral, effective manner. Let me help you make your manuals or training video an outstanding success.

Podcasts and radio
Years of experience behind a mic mean that the Wordsmithai??i??s edit of your podcast and radio scripts will flow effortlessly and communicate faultlessly with less editing and better feedback. Get in touch with a view to outsourcing your news scripts!

Foreign-language film and TV
Itai??i??s an open secret that subtitles and dubbing scripts routinely ruin viewersai??i?? enjoyment of foreign-language film and TV. Often, these post-production matters are left to technical people with very little editing expertise.

I am ready and able to set up real-time working relationships with your team to dramatically improve the quality of your want to buy furismide, want to buy furismide, want to buy furismide, want to buy furismide, want to buy furismide, want to buy furismide. subtitles and dubbing scripts ai??i?? an investment which will soon pay off in terms of popularity and uptake.